Online registration of attendees

Web registry form where attendees fill their data and receive their accreditation by email in print@home format.

With Exyt-Acreditados you can obtain the attendee’s data for an event through an online registry form, send their accreditations with a QR code by email and manage the event access all in one single process.

Registry process

  • Visit the event’s website to book your tickets.
  • Enter the attendee’s contact details.
  • Keep the email with the tickets that you’ll receive once the registry is complete.
  • Go to the event and show your tickets at the door for validation.


What makes us different

Print@home (PDF) ticket generation for email delivery, and/or hardticket generationto print at the ticket office.

Registry web site, customized for every event:

  • multi-language.
  • multiple data collection. Name, phone…
  • ticket quotas and customized ticket design for every product.


  • look and feel for the registry site, tickets and email. 
  • Email sender.

Real-time audit for:

  • Event’s registry level and email delivery ratios.
  • ticket validation. Full real-time integration with the Exyt-Events validation service.