Email campaign with accreditation attached

Mass communication to a contact list with accreditation or invitation ticket attached to the email.

We can help you to very easily send invitations to all your guests in print@home format with a QR code. Guests will receive an email with instructions to attend the event and a PDF ticket.

All we need is the list of attendees and the content you want to send, and we will take care of the rest.

We can also provide the web form for attendees to register and obtain all their data, so we can issue the transactional email. In this way, you don’t to send us a guest list in advance, they’ll register themselves.

Do not hesitate to speak with our technical team to resolve any questions regarding the type of solution to implement, how to make the service work in parallel with the validation system and capacity control at the event, or any aspect related to the mass e-mailing to guests.

We also send mass emails, newsletters or any notifications that you want to send safely and efficiently to multiple recipients.