Professional accreditation

Working personnel & guest registry. Print@home accreditations issued via email with delivery audit.

Exyt-Acreditados makes very easy to approve and release accreditations. It centralizes all of your events’ personnel data and traces all the steps needed to verify and approve an attendant or worker.

Add contacts
Add contacts individually, in batches or through Excel files.
Approve accreditation
Approve accredited individuals or full groups.
Send accreditations
Send accreditations through email and track the delivery.

What makes us different?

We generate an accreditation with a QR code and variable data, in print@home PDF format, to be sent by email, or a hardticket to be printed (sticker/thermal paper).

You can customize:

  • the email and accreditation’s look and feel.
  • the email’s sender’s data.


Real -time audit of::

  • accreditation’s approvals.
  • Email deliverability.
  • Exyt-Acreditados smoothly integrates with the ticket validacion service software (Exyt-Events).


Technical staff with long-time experience in the field.