About us

This project was created by an experienced group of people coming from the events sector, which felt the need to start their own project related to the control of attendees, guests and working personnel at an event.

Our team has a long experience, both in attendee’s control and in accreditation methods.

Our software centralizes all the necessary tasks for the accreditation control, simplifying the work for all parties involved.

Additionally, we distribute all the identification products you will need for your event (cards, wristbands, lanyards, etc.), so we can offer you a 360º service that includes technology, qualified personnel and the products neccesary for the event’s success.


To offer a technical and professional accreditation management solution for event organizers. We achive the goal through the most advanced technological tools, qualified personnel and the safest products.


With an extended experience in the sector and backed by the most innovative and effective technologies, we offer the necessary tools and products for any project to be a success.


We want the accreditations’ management to be simple and intuitive, flexible and adapted to the specific needs of each event.